Speaker: Pastor John O'Malley
Title: Christmas Sermon
Date: Sabbath 27th December 2014

Speaker: Filipino Adventists Bible Study Group
Title: Perfect Timing
Date: Sabbath 20th December 2014

Date: Sabbath 13th December 2014

Speaker: James Maldon
Title: Facebook
Date: Sabbath 22nd November 2014

Speaker: Alex Pauza
Title: I Will
Date: Sabbath 8th November 2014

Speaker: Don Vallario
Title: Sin and Victory
Date: Sabbath 25th October 2014

Speaker: Barry Grice
Title: Mother Did a Hannah on Me!
Date: Sabbath 18th October 2014

Speaker: Nick Cole
Title: Acts of the Risen Christ
Date: Sabbath 11th October 2014

Speaker: Hannah McElhone
Title: Focusing on the Finishing Line
Date: Sabbath 4th October 2014

Speaker: Bill Gates
Title: Antichrist (Part 1)
Date: Sabbath 20th September 2014

Speaker: Pastor Paul Borgacs
Title: Mental Illness
Date: Sabbath 13th September 2014

Speaker: Neville Slow
Title: Promises
Date: Sabbath 6th September 2014

Speaker: David Weslake
Title: Faith
Date: Sabbath 30th August 2014