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I'll Make it Somehow by Daniel Amankwah

My God Loves Me by the Wollongong Youth Singers

The Lord is my Shepherd by Wollongong SDA Mini Choir

Abide With Me by Jonathan and John Say's Music Group

Mary Did You Know? by Matthew Tompson

Wollongong's African Quintet

Remind Me Lord
Duet by Asher and Nyasha Moyo
My Chains fell off by Nyasha Moyo

At The Feet of Jesus by two dedicated Youngsters

This So Sweet To Trust In Jesus by The Wollongong SDA Boys
Because He Lives by Wollongong SDA Boys

The Wonder Of It All
performed by: Neeron Bhatta piano, 
Sahannah Bhatta Violin and Jasmin Say Soprano
Matthew, Heidi and Joshua Tompson praising God in their song 'Finding Myself'