This Library contains sermons from 3rd Jan 2015 onward.
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Trust and Obey by Darren Harvey

The Road Most Travelled 1 by Pr John Tompson

The Road Most Travelled 2 by Pr John Tompson

Why trouble the Master by Alfred Chidembo

Compassion not just a word by Pr John Tompson

The Lindt Cafe Disaster - by Avondale Brass Band

Escaped to the Cave - by Steven


The following sermons are constituting a series starting the new year with an expressed focus on Christ:

Focus On Jesus - by Pr John Tompson

The Ultimat Question - by Don Vallario

The Ultimate Distraction - by Pr John Tompson

The Great Commission - by Darryn Harvey

Go.. - by Pr John Tompson


Christ's Nature - by Pr John O'Malley

By Beholding We Will Change - by Pr John Tompson

The Latter Rain -  Shouid we take it personally? by Pam Grootemaat

God Still Speaks by Jeff Trelf0
CHURCH by Pr John Tompson on 12/9/2016

The Holy Spirit - God in Person or God's Force by Pr John Tompson on 29/10/2016
The Chains That Bind by Pr John Tompson on 8/10/2016

Love In Eight Flavours by Pr John Tompson
The Gifts by Pr John Tompson on 3/9/2016
Organisational Culture
 by Eva Ling on 27/8/2016
Meeting The Holy Spirit
 by Alfred Chidembo on 20/8/2016
Focus, Focus,
 Focus by Pr John Tompson on 13/8/2016
Pray and Prepare by Don Vallario on 6/8/2016
What It Takes To Birth A Church by Pr John Tompson on 30/7/2016
What Do You Value? by Pam Grootemaat on 23/7/2016
Wat's the Go With the Holy Spirit by Don Vallario on 16/7/2016

God’s Greatest Longing 
by Pastor John Tompson on 9/7/2016
Do Not Fear by Nyasha Moyo on 2/7/2016
The Road Most Travelled by Pastor John Tompson on 25/6/2016
Connenctions by James Maldon on 18/6/2016
I Am Adopted and I Belong by Pastor John Tompson on 11/6/2016


A01 A radical Prayer by Pastor John Tompson on 16/4/2016
A02 Communion by Pastor John Tompson on 19/3/6/2016
A03 Is There Really A God? by Pam Grootemaat on 5/3/2016

Library since 3rd january 2015

   1 Nakedness by Waleed Fadoo on 3/1/2015 .
   2 The Lamb by Jeff Threlfo on 17/1/2015 .
   3 There is a Time for Everything by Pawan Bhatta on 24/1/2015 .
   4 What's in a Name? by John Nigem on 31/1/2015 .
   5 Re Jesus by Pastor John Thomson on 7/2/2015 .
   6 Who Moved the Israelite's Cheese by Alfred Chidembo on 14/2/2015.
   7 Get a Grip on Life by John Thomson on 21/2/2015 .
   8 Here I Am Lord ...Umm by Pam Grootemaat on 28/2/2015
   9 Something Worth Chasing by John Thomson on 7/3/2015
 10 The reproach of Egypt by Alan Zana on 14/3/2015
 11 Communion by John Tompson on 21/3/2015
 12 God is Bigger Than Your Problem by Ron Whitehead on 28/3/2015
 13 A Miracle Worth Thinking About by John Tompson on 4/4/2015
 14 Assurance by Malcolm Allen on 11/4/2015
 15 Kindness by Neville Slow on 18/4/2015
 16 Jesus Christ, Author and Finisher of Our Faith by Ron Whitehead on 25/4/2015
 17 Hannah's Radical Act of Faith by John Tompson on 2/5/2015
 18 A Prophet for Profit by Don Vallerio on 9/5/2015
 19 The End of the world and My Focus by John Tompson on 16/5/2015\
 20 Walking with God by Jeff Threlfo on 23/5/2015
 21 Everlasting Friendship by Neville Slow on 6/6/2015
 22 Christ is in Control and He is Coming. Revelation's Answer for Troubled Times by John Tompson on 13/6/2015
 23 When the Church Communes Together There is Cleansing by John Tompson on 20/6/2015
 24 Lessons From Jehoshaphat by Alfred Chidembo on 27/6/2015
 25 Power to Proclaim by John Thomson on 4/7/2015 .
 26 Christian Character, Love and the Second Coming by Pam Grootemaat on 11/7/2015 .
 27 Who is in Control? by John Thomson on 18/7/2015 .
 28 Forgiven or Condemned by John Thomson on 25/7/2015 .
 29 Go Tell, Be Well by Darryn Harvey on 8/8/2015 .
 30 Motivated by His Love by John Thomson on 15/8/2015 .
 31 The Second Baptism by John Thomson on 29/9/2015 .
 32 Stewardship by Asher Moyo on 5/9/2015 .
 33 Recapturing the Pioneers Vision by Glenn Townend on 12/0/2015 .
 34 Soils Ain't Soils by Don Vallario on 24/10/2015 .
 35 Our Real New Life by Cooranbong band on 31/10/2015 .
 36 Discipleship by Glenn Townend on 14/11/2015 .
 37 Do we take God for granted? by Neville Slow on 21/11/2015 .
 38 Together... we are strong by John Thomson on 28/11/2015 .
 39 The Lord's Supper by John Thomson on 5/12/2015 .
 40 Testimony by Yang Ang on 12/12/2015 .
 41 Managing Money by Asher Moyo on 26/12/2015 .
 42 Prayer by Nyasha Moyo on 2/1/2016 .
 43 God's Magnificant Creation by Jeff Threlfo on 9/1/2016 .
 44 The Chase by Don Vallario on 16/1/2016 .
 45 The Command Centre by John Tompson on 23/1/2016 .
 46 Praising God Through Thick & Thin by Jeff Threlfo on 13/2/2016 
 47 Promises by Neville Slow on 20/2/2016
 48 Don't Ever Look Over Your Left Shoulder by John Tompson on 27/2/2016