How I got my new shoes.

My name is Borge Rasmussen and people who know me, know that I spend most of my time doing charity work, helping people, kids in particular, who live on the streets.One day, sitting on a bench, resting for a while, a stranger came and took his place next to me and surprise, surprise; he knew my name. I had never met him before. A conversation started and suddenly he asked me if he could try my shoes. Now, my shoes were not in the best shape and condition. Startled, I did allow his request and he then offered me to also try his shoes, which were as good as new. More surprises followed; the shoes were a perfect fit. Then suddenly the stranger took off and I got up quickly and shouted; “My shoes…”, tried to follow him, but he was gone. He was gone into oblivion and left me with his shoes on my feet. I was startled, but it dawned on me, the Lord had provided me with a great pair of beautiful shoes, comfortable and well fitted shoes. Thank You Lord.